Saturday’s Child set for release May 27, 2023

Staurday’s Child is Scott Zosel’s fourth LP release since 2019. This is set for official release on May 27, 2023.


© All songs written by Scott Zosel*
(all rights reserved)
Produced by Greg Schutte (Boom Island Recording)
Vocals, Electric/Acoustic Guitar: Scott Zosel
Drums: Greg Schutte
Lead and Atmospheric Guitars: Dan Schwartz
Bass: Nick Salisbury
Backup Vocals: Kelly Jordahl
**Keyboards: Tommy Babarella

* Writing credit to poet John Valusek, Winter of Herself 
**House of Cards, Brighter Sun, Big Red Blanket

Saturday’s Child

Brewster's Red Hotel

by Scott Zosel | Saturday's Child

House Of Cards

by Scott Zosel | Saturday's Child

The Day My Beauty Died

by Scott Zosel | Saturday's Child