praise for scott zosel


‘Fans of artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Tom Petty and Calexico would certainly enjoy his vision and artistry’

– The Bandcamp Diaries


Scott Zosel: call or text 612-940-5412,

‘Emotionally powerful, incredibly diverse’

Scott’s sound is accomplished and world-class, with a quality that you would expect from the best chart-toppers on the scene. Any fans of artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Tom Petty and Calexico would certainly enjoy his vision and artistry. Flow is a particularly great take on his sound, as it combines elements of folk-rock with the fresh edge of country, going for a very articulate and mercurial sound that’s always engaging and fun to listen to, since it is so unpredictable and refreshing at every twist and turn. It’s not easy to stay eclectic while also pursuing catchy arrangements, but this seems to be Scott’s strength. This song is a really good example of that.

– The Bandcamp Diaries

‘Not clever or complex, or ground-breaking. It’s just good.”

(Flow) is cool and accessible, slightly underground and off-beat but is just the creative shot in the arm that the mainstream needs, It looks back at past traditions, folk, Americana, alt-country, exists in the present exuding modernity and class and sets out an agenda for the future and dares others to follow it.

It isn’t clever or complex, knowing or ground-breaking. It’s just good. So very very good. In fact, it is better than that, it is tasteful. And tastefulness always trumps any other card you can hope to play.

– Dancing About Architecture

‘Cherish every sonic second’

Scott Zosel is known for his wondrous weaving of rock, pop, country and Americana. The up and coming artist’s discography is defiantly diverse and won’t be pinned down to one specific style. This is what makes him such a captivating artist piloting our playlists right now. His upcoming single ‘Flow’ is a sensational sway into the acoustic, folkier field — how long he’ll remain in the indie-folk realm is unclear, so we’ll cherish every sonic second.

– Skope Magazine

‘Fabulous vocal performance, sincere approach’

Singer and songwriter Scott Zosel electrifies the music world with the release of his new single Flow. It opens with warms strums of acoustic guitar before graduating into a full terrain of an unforgettable melody. Flow’s outstanding groove is easy to follow and fully expresses Zosel’s growth. Scott Zosel puts the icing on the cake with a fabulous vocal performance further enhanced by his sincere approach to recording and textured vocalization. Flow by Scott Zosel is an amazing tune that gives value to our relationship with the world at large.

– Warlock Asylum