‘saturday’s child’ record release coming may 27!

‘Saturday’s Child’ is the latest release from Scott Zosel, a Minneapolis songwriter who works hard to exemplify the style and swagger of creative, edgy TC artists like Paul Westerberg, Prince, Dave Pirner, Gary Louris, Adam Levy, and others, who have successfully garnered national attention.

saturday’s child ALBUM RELEASE

Saturday, May 27, 2023
Aster Cafe, Mpls, MN
9 pm to 11 pm (21+)
$15 at the door (CD FREE)


Scott Zosel: call or text 612-940-5412,
Email: ScottZoselMusic@gmail.com

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“Scott Zosel is one the most underrated songwriters in the Twin Cities.”

– James Loney, Lolos Ghost

THE edgy minneapolis sound, through and through

MINNEAPOLIS DJ ELLEN STANLEY (KFAI) describes Scott‘s music as “FIRST-RATE SONGWRITING EVOKING THE SUNNY ROOTS/ROCK SOUNDS OF THE JAYHAWKS.” It’s a style featuring elements of folk-rock, some pop, with the fresh edge of country. A very articulate and mercurial sound that’s always catchy, irreverent and fun.

Scott began work on ‘SATURDAY’S CHILD’ in early 2022, on the heels of his success with his 2021 release ‘TINY YELLOW ROOM’ that earned national airplay on over 50 non-commerical stations. With ‘Saturday’s Child,’ Zosel continues to push the edge of Americana into a more pop direction, while still staying true to his folk-rock roots. He recorded it ‘live’ in collaboration with Producer/drummer GREG SCHUTTE at Boom Island Recording with renowned atmospheric lead guitarist DAN SCHWARTZ and touring pro, bassist NICK SALISBURY. Vocalist KELLY JORDAHL rounded out the tracks with her soaring harmonies, the perfect finishing touch.

liner notes: ‘saturday’s child’

Scott Zosel envisioned ‘SATURDAY’S CHILD’ in early 2022, on the heels of his success with his 2021 release ‘Tiny Yellow Room’ which earned national airplay on over 50 non-commercial radio stations. Scott hired Producer/Drummer Greg Schutte with Guitarist Dan Schwartz and Bassist Nick Salisbury to perform with him for his ‘Tiny Yellow Room’ record release in September 2021. The chemistry between the four was instantaneous. Scott later toured Greg’s NE Minneapolis Boom Island Recording Studio, where Greg mentioned the possibility of recording ‘live.’ The die was cast. The four would begin recording in June 2022, while playing a handful of local shows together in the meantime.

As planned, ‘SATURDAY’S CHILD’ was recorded ‘live’ at Boom Island, with each musician isolated just enough from each other, very similar to the classic recording style of the 1970s. This recording method also allows for altering tracks, overdubbing vocals and any other modifications needed to create the intended flavor and feel. Recording ‘live’ means all live drums, bass, keys – no canned drum, bass, or other tracks. When all live tracking was complete, vocalist Kelly Jordahl provided the perfect finishing touch, helping set the emotional center for all tracks with her soaring harmonies. Local legend, keyboardist Tommy Barbarella also played on three tracks.

Artists Bio: scott zosel

Scott Zosel is a songwriter’s songwriter. Inspired by the bold poetry of Emily Dickinson and the psychedelic country of Gram Parsons, the Minneapolis-based artist has always been drawn to artful and fearless storytelling.

“Writing songs is the last thing I think about before I drift off to sleep each night, and the first thing on my mind as I awaken each morning,” Scott says. “I am obsessed with lyrics and melody, and crazy, obtuse narratives.”

The son of a veterinarian turned preacher, therapist and professor, Scott moved around as a kid, living in the country, suburbs and city, absorbing all the sights and sounds of the world. He never was in the school’s band or choir, but he taught himself how to play guitar from a Bob Dylan songbook that he discovered lying next to
his dad’s 12-string guitar. But it was not until after he went to Minneapolis College of Art & Design and graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in journalism that he started performing music.

In the 1980s Scott fronted an all-original new wave band named Five Below. Loud and rhythmic, they played a mix of Ska, Tex-Mex, Surf, and Rock styles, a band that could whip a crowd into a dancing frenzy at the drop of a hat. Sharing the stage with several national acts at the iconic First Avenue, the band achieved some success on the Twin Cities music scene. He went on to a career as a writer and designer until he formed the jangle pop trio Crooked Numbers. He started writing music again and won the 2018 Singer-Songwriter Competition at the River Falls Bluegrass Festival. The pandemic forced him to reconnect with his solo songwriting voice, and he made short work of it, releasing two albums in two years — Coal Black Curls (2020) and his new Americana album Tiny Yellow Room (2021), garnering comparisons to fellow Minnesotans The Jayhawks. With the release of the new album and the return of in-person gigging, Scott is emerging as a top-notch songwriting talent and an important voice on the roots music scene. He recently showcased at the Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) Conference, and his song “Emily” was featured in Americana UK.


‘Fans of artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Tom Petty and Calexico would certainly enjoy his vision and artistry’

– The Bandcamp Diaries


Scott Zosel: call or text 612-940-5412,
Email: ScottZoselMusic@gmail.com

‘Emotionally powerful, incredibly diverse’

Scott’s sound is accomplished and world-class, with a quality that you would expect from the best chart-toppers on the scene. Any fans of artists such as Slaid Cleaves, Tom Petty and Calexico would certainly enjoy his vision and artistry. Flow is a particularly great take on his sound, as it combines elements of folk-rock with the fresh edge of country, going for a very articulate and mercurial sound that’s always engaging and fun to listen to, since it is so unpredictable and refreshing at every twist and turn. It’s not easy to stay eclectic while also pursuing catchy arrangements, but this seems to be Scott’s strength. This song is a really good example of that.

– The Bandcamp Diaries

‘Not clever or complex, or ground-breaking. It’s just good.”

(Flow) is cool and accessible, slightly underground and off-beat but is just the creative shot in the arm that the mainstream needs, It looks back at past traditions, folk, Americana, alt-country, exists in the present exuding modernity and class and sets out an agenda for the future and dares others to follow it.

It isn’t clever or complex, knowing or ground-breaking. It’s just good. So very very good. In fact, it is better than that, it is tasteful. And tastefulness always trumps any other card you can hope to play.

– Dancing About Architecture

‘Cherish every sonic second’

Scott Zosel is known for his wondrous weaving of rock, pop, country and Americana. The up and coming artist’s discography is defiantly diverse and won’t be pinned down to one specific style. This is what makes him such a captivating artist piloting our playlists right now. His upcoming single ‘Flow’ is a sensational sway into the acoustic, folkier field — how long he’ll remain in the indie-folk realm is unclear, so we’ll cherish every sonic second.

– Skope Magazine

‘Fabulous vocal performance, sincere approach’

Singer and songwriter Scott Zosel electrifies the music world with the release of his new single Flow. It opens with warms strums of acoustic guitar before graduating into a full terrain of an unforgettable melody. Flow’s outstanding groove is easy to follow and fully expresses Zosel’s growth. Scott Zosel puts the icing on the cake with a fabulous vocal performance further enhanced by his sincere approach to recording and textured vocalization. Flow by Scott Zosel is an amazing tune that gives value to our relationship with the world at large.

– Warlock Asylum


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Brewster’s Red Hotel (single)

Released November 25, 2022, Brewster’s Red Hotel is a story about the heartbeat of the town of Lanesboro, MN; the enduring relationship of the human spirit in the valley that time forgot to tell.


Written by Scott Zosel
Produced by Greg Schutte
Vocals, Guitar: Scott Zosel
Drums: Greg Schutte
Lead Guitar: Dan Schwartz
Bass: Nick Salisbury
Backup Vocals: Kelly Jordahl
(all rights reserved)

Tiny Yellow Room is a 10song full-length LP released (073021) into the stream-o-sphere (Spotify, Apple, et al).


Produced by Rob Genedak, (Uptown Sound Recording)
Vocals, Rhythm, Barritone Guitars – Scott Zosel
Lead Guitars, atomospherics – Randy Casey
Drums & Bass – Rob Genedak

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Tiny Yellow Room

Coal Black Curls is a 7song EP released (101720) into the stream-o-sphere (Spotify, Apple, et al).


Produced by David Russ, (It’s a Secret Studio)
Vocals, Rhythm Guitar – Scott Zosel
Backup Vocals – Kevin Tidemand
Lead Guitars – Randy Casey
Bass Guitar – Dave Russ, Martin Rush
Drums – Dave Russ, J.T. Bates (Build you a house)

Special Thanks to Kevin Tidemand for helping record final vocals tracks.

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Coal Black Curls

Sudden Pictures is a fivesong EP released (110419) into the stream-o-sphere (Spotify, Apple, et al).


Produced by Kevin Tidemand
Vocals, Rhythm & Lead Guitar – Scott Zosel
Bass & Vocals – Kevin Tidemand
Drums – Kevin Tidemand (John Obrien)

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Sudden Pictures


‘Scott’s music is rootsy and soulful, an interesting combination that’s quite appealing to a broad audience. It’s upbeat, fun to listen to..’

– Don Strong, TC producer


Scott Zosel: call or text 612-940-5412,
Email: ScottZoselMusic@gmail.com

upcoming shows

Solo, Duo or Full Band, whatever fits your venue.

I can perform my catalog of originals along with a heatlthy mix of popular covers in 1-3 sets, whatever your venue requires. I can perform solo or as a duo with the talented and versatile guitarist Dan Schwartz. Dan and I also perform as a trio with vocalist/pianist Amy Finch. And, I also have can perform with a full band with players described below.

Dan Schwartz – The term ‘lead guitarist’ doesn’t do this musician justice. Playing slide guitar,  lap steel, plus finger style lead accompaniments both electrically and acoustically, this unique and talented guitarist provides color in ways few can. I am indeed honored Dan joins me on stage to help express my songs. It is a partnership I treasure. Dan has written and released ten CDs and has been featured on several internationally released acoustic guitar compilations including Narada Records Masters of Acoustic Guitar. His recordings have earned him a nomination for guitarists of the year (Minnesota Music Academy) and Folk/Roots album of the year (Mpls. St Paul Magazine).

Nick Salisbury – A national touring musician, Nick is one of the most musically proficient, soulful, and professional bass players in the Twin Cities. Along with playing bass for Shalo Lee, he also has gigged with Jeff Ray & The Stakes, The Irresistibles, Stook & The Jukes, Lizzy Rain and The MN Songwriter’s Showcase. He has also been known to play with Ashleigh Still & The Dirty Dishes, Mary Cutrufello, Redpath, Jesse Langseth, Steve Noonan, Tony Sims, Joe Carey and Nick Hensley’s Love Songs for Angry Men. Nick also arrange and produces with Caleb Garn & 5 Watt Productions, as well as teaching private lessons at Jim Harms’ My Music Store in Golden Valley MN.

Greg Schutte – Muti-talented drummer, producer and sound designer. Over the past 20 years has as performed nationally and internationally with a wide variety of artists/groups, including: The Mickey Hart Band, Chastity Brown Band, Todd Clouser’s A Love Electric, The Hornheads, Jelloslave, Lori Line, Anthony Cox, Test Site 67, Empire Brass, Chuchito Valdez, Bernard Allison, Mary Cutrufello, and many more.