‘blood will tell’

buzz-worthy comments:

“A totally cathartic experience, like nothing I’ve ever witnessed in a musical performance.”


“It was something I am glad I didn’t miss … tugged at several emotions related to my own family dynamics. Scott, your words-to-music (song) writing is such a gift and Nan, you exude a wonderful spirit of life.”


“A wonderful experience Scott, beautiful the whole show.”


“I don’t know why you didn’t have a box of kleenex out, I cried the whole time, so beautiful.”

what was the show all about?

Scott Zosel and friends presented ‘Blood Will Tell’ to a sold-out audience April 30 at the Center for Performing Arts in south Minneapolis. It was an evening of Scott Zosel’s rarely performed songs written for family funerals, weddings, births, and other milestones. Tough and tender, passionate and poignant; Zosel’s songs of family love and lore were surrounded by storytelling, dance, video, ambient sound styling, all supported by a stellar backing band.

Live record and video concert to be released later this year.

The show will be recorded and will be published as a live album and a video concert tell the whole story with fan reactions and more.


We’re very lucky to have assembled this talented group of musicians to tell these musical stories:
Amy Finch (keyboards, vocals)
Kelly Jordahl (vocals)
Paul Porter (bass, vocals)
Jason Chaffee (lap steel, ambient FX)
Greg Traxler (drums)

Background from Scott Zosel

“I rarely perform these songs because it’s hard to sing them without tearing up. Each one was written for a family member – some are dead, some are alive, and some I thought were dead to me, but are still pulling at my heart. Stitching these songs together for this show has given me a way to feel all the feelings; grief, joy, anger, love, loss. I’m ready to share these stories. This show should resonate with anyone who loves their family, but has struggled with family relationships.”